Insights from the FDA's Public Hearing on
Manufacturer Communications Regarding Off-Label Uses of Medical Products

In response to recent First Amendment-related court decisions addressing the extent to which the government can control manufacturer communications regarding off-label uses of medical products, the FDA decided to solicit input. A public hearing on the topic was held November 9-10, 2016.

If you didn’t attend, you may not fully understand the public health and constitutional issues involved and how the hearing could influence the FDA’s next steps. Watch now to understand what took place during the hearing and the implications for 2017, including:

  • Find out which public groups and individuals testified during the public hearing, and what viewpoints and information they presented
  • Discover which public health and constitutional issues were discussed and why
  • Gain a better perspective of the various stakeholders who are affected by the FDA’s current restrictions on manufacturer communications
  • Understand the hearing’s potential impact on manufacturer communications and what next steps are likely